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August 30, 2017

Two weeks ago, I was the luckiest woman on earth, enjoying a writer’s retreat with some of my very best writer buds. I had been anticipating the trip for nearly two months with more glee than a kid waiting for Santa. In the back of my mind, I was a smidge worried that...

August 25, 2017

Dear Heart,

I need to talk to you. You’re really closed up tight right now and it’s pretty important that you open back up. And fast. If you don’t, things will get really bad. I know you already think that things are really bad, but Goddess keeps pointing out that they...

August 20, 2017

I have been on a writer's retreat for the last two days and today begins the third and final one for making the magic happen. I can't get over how many words and ideas I've managed to get on paper since I got here. I'm so grateful. It makes the money spent so well wort...

August 2, 2017

It's taken far too long to my way of thinking, but at long last, the magic is returning.

Words are making their way onto the page and I'm not just automatically deleting them. I'm no longer X'ing out of Word and clicking "do not save." No more ripping sheets of paper fr...

June 2, 2017

Just another week and another session with my Goddess therapist. I went in thinking I was in a good place, amused instead of depressed by all the occurrences of the previous week and ended up being rescued from myself, once again.

We were talking about power. How do I k...

May 29, 2017

     I realize now, I could have had a second child. The dreams I have of being pregnant are far too frequent and repetitive. The emptiness I feel when I wake up from those dreams is palpable. I can still feel the baby inside, kicking and moving, yearning to be born an...

September 9, 2016

You know what? I was right. As previously predicted, the breath of life came more easily as time went on. Sometimes you just have to white knuckle it until things feel normal again.

I made it through the crazy, unstructured, undisciplined summer and am now back on track...

July 17, 2016

You know what? Normally, I write to keep from being sad. Unfortunately, I’ve been so sad lately that I have been unable to write. Two funerals in less than two weeks, terrorist attacks, officers targeted, and innocents murdered leave me feeling destroyed and terrified.


May 31, 2016

You know what? I'm putting my blog back on to my Wix website. Why? Because why wouldn't I add just one more freakin' thing to my plate? Why wouldn't I make things more difficult for myself? It's just what I do.


I thought putting the blog back here made sense...

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