One breath at a time

You know what? Normally, I write to keep from being sad. Unfortunately, I’ve been so sad lately that I have been unable to write. Two funerals in less than two weeks, terrorist attacks, officers targeted, and innocents murdered leave me feeling destroyed and terrified.

I’m waiting for that one pinprick of light through the darkness to give me the will to wait for the next one.

It’ll come. It always does. Mostly when I’m least expecting it.

When it does, I will breathe deep and hold on. The pinprick will expand. Soon it’ll be the size of a grain of salt. Then maybe to the size of a penny. Before I know it, there will be more light than dark and I will feel hope again.

Until that time, it’s one breath at a time.

J. Thomas-Like

July 17, 2016

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