P is for Persistence

Persistence is something I've gotten quite good at. I've managed to remain in a somewhat stressful job for a decade (with a little time off here and there). I have continued to raise my son with dignity and respect, though it's definitely been a challenge. And I continue to get out of bed every day, whether I want to or not. I persist.

My ability to go on has been challenged pretty dramatically and each time I've been forced to face some hard truths and learn some painful lessons. Often, I've perceived situations like I was David up against Goliath, when in reality, the problem wasn't all that gargantuan considering how strong I can be and how much support I have. Figuring that out was all part of the process.

I have learned that what looks to be insurmountable often is not, if you approach the problem with an open mind and an open heart. Solutions you might not have otherwise considered can be right in front of your eyes if you're just willing to look. Seek guidance from friends and loved ones. Make the leap into professional therapy (I have, and I am so glad!). Surrender yourself to the universe and allow a power higher than yourself help you along the way to finding your solution. The goal is to achieve peace and happiness.

But most of all, persist. Don't quit. Don't give up. The way out is there, even if where you end up isn't exactly where you thought you would.

J.A. Thomas

April 19, 2017

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