Q is (or isn't?) for Quid Pro Quo

I don't think it's unfair of me to expect a little quid pro quo from the universe when I strive every day to put out positive vibes and good energy.

Yeah, yeah, you're supposed to do those things and not expect anything in return if you're really a good and selfless person. But after a while, when nothing good comes back to you, I think it's too easy to begin feeling used.

If you get what you give, and you're giving all the goodness you have, yet you still get shit back, how do you continue to send out positivity and light into the world?

I'll tell ya: you fake it till you make it. That's my motto these days. Whether I want it there or not, I'm pasting a sappy smile on my face. Whether I feel it or not, the words I let come out of my mouth are confident and strong. Whether it's true or not, I tell myself I'm a good person and that things will get better because they always have and they always will. My iron will of hope has always led me out of the darkness.

Sure, things are tough right now, but when I put on my objectivity hat and look around, I see how much worse they could be. I understand that I might not be winning the lottery or selling a million books, but I'm getting back a lot of good stuff from the universe right now. The trick is to accept what I'm getting and make it serve me as best it can.


April 20, 2017

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