Z is for Zoom

Yes, I'm a bit tardy in posting this final blog for my "unofficial" challenge. Ooooops.

Z is for zoom. I am zooming pretty damn fast into a future I am more than uncertain about. I am excited, too. What kinds of things are waiting for me out there? Will adventure find me, or will I seek it out?

I try to keep my "at least" attitude. I try not to be scared of the future and how fast it's coming at me. Every minute that I breathe, it hits me in the face. Sometimes it's just breathing and existing. Other times it's trying to figure out how I'm going to manage a financial concern. Worst times it's the night time when sleep won't come and my brain whirs around and around until I have no choice but to pass out with exhaustion.

But the best times are watching my days unfold and feeling the confidence return to me. Remembering who I used to be, before motherhood, marriage, and responsibilities stole it all. Somehow, I forgot that even though I had a husband and a child and obligations, I could still be ALL of me. I didn't have to subjugate my own heart and personality to that of anyone or anything else.

I move forward without any demands or expectations. I look ahead and hope for the best things to come back to me. I plan on being appreciative of the good things and accepting of the bad things. Come to think of it, I'll tackle anything that comes at me much as I have at any other time in my life. This time I'll do it while still being me instead of what the world wants me to be or expects me to be.

Zoom zoom!


April 30, 2017

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